NFL Officiating -

NFL Officiating

NFL officiaiting is on the decline. It's borderline incompetent with regard to two calls specifically---pass interference and roughing the passer. The latest blown call occurred last night at the end of the Ravens--Bengals game. The pass interference call on Todd Heap that nullified the Ravens' touchdown was ridiculous. Then, the Bengals get hit with a bogus "make up" call that kept the Ravens in it. The Bengals held on and won. If I was Baltimore coach Brian Billick I'd be raising you know what.

I don't fully blame the officials. The NFL mandates that certain calls get made (especially roughing the passer) and the officials feel compelled to comply. That's ridiculous. If a referee or another official isn't capable of making a judgement call correctly more often than not, then they don't belong on the field. Period.

The NFL is in my opinion the best run professional sports league in America. But, it's dropping the ball(sue me for the pun) when it comes to officiating games.

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