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"0" For September

O for September..as in the Rams go winless in the opening month. Simply put, the first quarter of the season has been a disaster. Injuries and losses are piling up at a disturbing rate. The Rams offense hasn't scored a touchdown in 171 minutes. They haven't crossed a goal line in 31 possessions. At Dallas, the defense gave up 502 yards and 35 points and it could have been much worse if Wade Phillips hadn't called off the dogs. Yes, injuries are crippling this team but the offense has been out of sync since week one.

Where does Scott Linehan go from here? I'm not smart enough to know the answer. But, maybe its time to give Gus Frerotte a start. Marc Bulger is aching and he needs to heal. And maybe Richie Incognito returns this week up front. There's no reason to save him. So what if he re-injures himself. What difference does that make now?

Hats off to Dante Hall who was outstanding today. And I thought Brian Leonard did okay considering the circumstances. That's about it. Oh yeah, Donnie Jones punted well. Now that's it.

The injury situation has even my broadcast partner at a loss for words. Jim Hanifan coached 31 years in the NFL and he says he's never seen anything like what's hitting the Rams.

Do the Rams have enough in the tank to beat the Cardinals at home? I wish I knew. But it's shaping up to be a long ugly season.

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