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Time To Move On

The Cardinals and Walt Jocketty are doing the smart thing. If a relationship is damaged beyond repair, move on. That's what the Rams and Mike Martz didn't do. That marriage was irreparably damaged after the 2004 season. Martz wanted Charley Armey and Jay Zygmunt fired but John Shaw had no intention of making those moves. Both parties would have been better served by ending the relationship before the 2005 season. The tensions poisoned the environment. Martz probably doesn't get seriously ill and the Rams could begin "rebuilding" a year earlier if the two sides called it a day at the appropriate time.

That said, I'm sorry to see Walt leave. He was always a good guy to deal with. And you can't deny he made major moves to keep the Cardinals competitive year after year. But he rarely overspent for the sake of overspending. He will have NO trouble getting a job. It's my hope it won't be a package deal. As I've said before, I hope Tony Larussa returns. In fact, I hope he closes his career here in St. Louis.

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