Larussa For Torre? -

Larussa For Torre?

I was told that Tony Larussa would make his decision by Sunday or Monday. It's Tuesday and still no decision. Why wouldn't Larussa take his time to see what happens with the Yankees or elsewhere. I'm told the skipper was not happy about the decision to dump Walt Jocketty. But, I'd still like to see Larussa finish his career here.

If that doesn't happen, Bill Dewitt would be a fool not to have serious discussions with Joe Torre if he gets the pink slip from The Boss. He'd be immediately embraced by Cards fans and he's proved that he can win and keep his team focused despite distractions.

Another fan favorite would be Terry Pendelton. And, he's paid his dues in Atlanta and would be able to connect with today's younger players.

As for Larussa going to New York, I love one Yankees fan's thinking:
"if Larussa was drinking and driving on the job in St. Louis, he'd be a full blown drug addict in New York." That's funny.

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