Like Old Times -

Like Old Times

Just back from the Scottrade Center. It's a raucous crowd on opening night. The atmosphere takes me back to the days of the Arena. I miss that old nasty dirty place. Congrats to the Blues ownership for working hard to bring the fans back. Now, let's see if they can maintain the interest. It's perfect timing for the organization (organ--eye--zay--shun) with the Cardinals done and the Rams winless.

One suggestion for the Blues: kill the cannon used for the pre-game ceremonies. It just about sent several of us media types into cardiac arrest. Oh, and the mascot---not so much.

Good to hear Chris Kerber and Kelly Chase on the way back to the station. Still a great broadcast team. They blend the right amount of humor, candor and knowledge. No play-by-play man I know works harder to prepare and stay on top the of the team and the league than Kerbs. The Blues are lucky to have him.

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