Bad In Baltimore -

Bad In Baltimore

I liken the Rams offense to a boxer trying to fight with one hand tied behind his back. Or a middleweight trying to slug it out with a heavyweight. Injuries have left the Rams almost helpless against top level defenses like the one they faced today. The Rams were so thin at receiver that after Drew Bennett left Scott Linehan was forced to use St. Louis native Brandon Williams as the third receiver. He's been with the Rams one week and barely knows the offense. They've got to promote Dominique Thompson or Derek Stanley from the practice squad. Why keep Thompson around for three years if you don't think he can help?

The defense did as much as it could to keep the Rams in the game. 42 of the Ravens 68 snaps came in Rams territory yet Baltimore scored just one touchdown. Finally, a defense that has improved against the run and it isn't making a difference because the Rams' offense is so anemic.

Gus was battered in the pocket but he's made some horrendous throws the past two weeks. Time to get Marc Bulger back in the huddle for next week's game at Seattle. I think Gus hit it on the head after the game when he said, "it's surreal."

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