How Much For 6-4? -

How Much For 6-4?

It's great that the Cardinals are aggressively re-signing some of their free agents but at what price? Did they need to pay 13 million over two years to keep Joel Pineiro who four months ago was a reclamation project? I think Pineiro did enough to earn a new deal but that's steep.

No doubt that Russ Springer was very solid in a relief role but the team has nine million committed to Springer and Pineiro for 2007. (Pineiro's deal calls for a 500k bonus and a salary of 5 million in 2007 and Springer just got a 3.5 million dollar deal) That's a significant chunk for a team with major starting pitching needs--even with the Pineiro signing. And, Pineiro's salary jumps to 7.5 million in 2009.

I've always admired the way the Bill Dewitt-led Cards have refused to overpay for free agents. This regime has shown restraint and sanity. I still applaud the decision not to overpay for Jeff Suppan, Jason Marquis or Jeff Weaver. None of them would have put the Cards over the top in 2007. But, I'm puzzled by the money the team has handed out in the past week.

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