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Did You Expect Mister Rogers?

So Scott Linehan unloaded on his team after today's practice. And the sky is blue. What took so long? Not that Linehan is without fault in 2007 but it used to be that a football team could expect a tail chewing once a week or more. From the time I started playing at age 7, I as told that you had to worry when they stopped yelling. That's when they stopped caring.

If Linehan thinks his team (or one player in particular) had it coming, good for him. This team is too nice on Sundays. I doubt one rear end blasting is going to change that but I'm surprised Linehan hasn't gone off before this. Even with the injuries, the team could be 2-4 or 3-3. Simple plays were there to be made in the three home games and players haven't made the makeable plays. I could show you six or seven plays on tape that would have you shaking your head and asking, "what gives?"

I could not confirm tonight that, as Jim Thomas of the Post reported, Linehan was reacting to Claude Terrell popping off to him during practice. IF...IF that is the case, why keep the guy? Several Rams coaches think he's been immature and a pain in the backside since he's been here. And his play is spotty at best (did you see Sunday's game at Baltimore?). The glut of injuries on the o-line is keeping him here. But, guess what? The Rams are 0-6 with him and they could be 0-6 without him. It's good to remind SOME pampered, out of touch modern athletes that the inmates don't run the asylum. Thank goodness there are guys like Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce and La'roi Glover to remind us that there are throwbacks left in the NFL.

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