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C'mon Colts!

I amazed that the same national analysts who vigorously ripped Mike Martz for one on-sides kick against the Jets in 2001 are giving Bill Belichick a pass. What Martz did in that game at the Meadowlands pales in comparison to what Belichick is doing to the league. It's obvious that Mister Bill has adopted a scorched earth policy after being reprimanded by the league for the "spygate" cheating. His insistence on running up the score on opponents is classless. Leading the Redskins by 40 points Sunday, he's calling bombs to Randy Moss. Clearly, he's trying to run up the scores to obliterate all offensive records. That's something neither Martz nor Dick Vermeil did. They both called off the dogs in games in 1999 and 2001.

First of all, Belichick is lucky the commish didn't come down harder. He could have been suspended. And, the commish did Mister Bill a favor by destroying the "spygate" evidence. He's mad at the NFL? For what? He's the one who made the decision to cheat. Why is the league afraid to take him to the woodshed? For three weeks now, he's padded the score by keeping Tom Brady in and throwing the ball. He's exposing his star Q-B to injury. Stupid. If he continues to do that, someone is going to take a shot at Brady. On Sunday, Joe Gibbs dismissed the behavior because he's too classy and too smart. He knows it will sound like whining if he speaks up. But I'd bet my last buck that he's seething about it. You don't make the Hall of Fame without being a relentless competitor.

I have to admit this eight game stretch might be the most dominant half-season performance in NFL history. But who knows how many points and yards the Rams could have put up in '99 and '01 if Vermeil and Martz hadn't shown mercy.

Here's hoping the Colts hold serve at home and knock off Mister Bill's beligerent ballclub. Colts' head coach Tony Dungy is the epitome of class. Mister Bill is not. He's the epitome of arrogance in that rag tag sweatshirt every Sunday.

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