Mo and Me -

Mo and Me

Item one---I like the hire of John Mozeliak. If you're committed to Tony Larussa then why not hire someone he's comfortable with. And, who on the short list had more to offer than Mo? I have to tell you, I was impressed by how forceful and confident he was at the press conference and in my one on one interview which you can see on Sports Sunday. The guy genuinely believes he'll be successful. First piece of advice---stop suddenly overpaying for guys(see Joel Piniero's new deal).

Item two---my mental health. I have minimum three or four people a day asking me how I'm holding up given the Rams failures. I appreciate the inquiries and the support but trust me I'm fine. Disappointed yes but fine. It is a privilege to call NFL games win or lose. I love my job and love working with the crew we have. Hanny keeps me on my toes. My favorite Hanifan comment last week came when he was commending the Rams makeshift o-line and then offered this----"or maybe Cleveland's defense just sucks." Gotta love my partner's candor. The week before in Seattle he suggested a young Rams player who was struggling be left in Seattle. I only wish I could have covered him when he was the head coach of the Big Red. That would have been fun.

Oh, and one more item---Go Colts!

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