Rolen-Larussa Controversy -

Rolen-Larussa Controversy

Okay, I don't get it. Scott Rolen is exactly the kind of old-school, hard working, put your head down and run the bases quietly after a home run kind of guy that should bond with a guy like Tony Larussa. They both seemingly approach the game the same way--with great respect for it. So why can't they get along? Is the rift really that deep? Hard to believe.

I hope Rolen is back because a healthy Scott Rolen is a difference maker. And, it's obvious that he wasn't healthy last year. But, you have to respect a guy that wants to earn his money enough to continue to push through pain. At some point it becomes counterproductive and you have to shut it down which is what Rolen did. But do you want a guy with Rolen's attitude or a guy that pulls himself from the line up every time he feels an ache?(see J.D. Drew)

I have no idea why Rolen and Larussa don't get along but who cares? Both are big boys. They can deal with it and still do their jobs. They did it in 2006. If Rolen comes back and plays his usual great defense and hits 20 homers and drives in 90 runs he'll be worth his salary. When healthy, he's the best defensive third baseman I've seen.

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