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Yankees Going Crazy..Again

Salary cap in baseball? Yeah, right. Once again, the Yankees are making a mockery of the "soft" cap Bud Selig championed a few years ago. As the free agency period opens, the Boss's team is backing up the Brinks truck for two of their own. 36 year old catcher Jorge Posada is close to signing a deal for four years and 52 million. And reliever Mariano Rivera, 39, is on the verge of signing a three year, 45 million dollar deal. Nice. 97 million bucks committed to a couple of guys pushing 40.

Yanks G-M Brian Cashman better hope he never gets canned. He'll never get a job in the "real" baseball world. That's the world in which guys like Walt Jocketty have to make prudent decisions due to actual budget concerns.

I have no tolerance for people with wealth and/or influence who believe they can operate outside the same boundaries that confine the rest of society. Baseball continues to allow the Yankees (and to a lesser degree the Red Sox) to thumb their noses at the rest of the league. My only satisfaction comes every October when the silver spoon gang gets knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. Justice.

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