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Flaxseed Oil?

Can you be indicted for insulting the intelligence of a grand jury? My dog ate my homework is more plausible than Barry Bonds' 2003 testimony saying he thought his trainer was giving him flaxseed oil. A viewer called and wanted to know why Bonds is being indicted and others aren't. Simple---Bonds is the one who lied under oath, according to the evidence. Of course, he'll have a chance to prove his innocence.

I do agree with the caller that everyone named as users in the four year investigation should be outed. But, according to our justice system using steroids is a less serious offense than lying under oath. As pathetic as Mark McGwire's March 2005 testimony was, he didn't lie under oath. Personally, I don't care if Bonds ever serves time. Our prisons are overcrowded as it is. I have bigger issues with guys who steal, injure or kill. I like Doug Vaughn's suggestion. He advocates leveling steep fines instead of jail time. So Bonds and any other player proven to use illegal substances should forfeit the money they made after using. Taking tens of millions away would ultimately be more punitive than sentencing a guy to a year or 18 months in a minimum security prison.

As I've said previously, before it's all said and done it may be quicker to point out the guys who haven't tried to gain a competitive edge than the guys who have. If you're outraged about Bonds or McGwire I think you should be equally outraged by the .245 hitter who cheated to get the bigs and make big league money. Or by the pitcher who used drugs to stick around. The sad thing is Bonds was already one of the great five tool players in history and a sure bet Hall of Famer. He's ruined his legacy because he wanted a short cut. It would be okay with me if we stopped focusing on the guys who look for the easy way out and start applauding the guys who do things the right way.

Also, as I've said before, the more we know the more credibility Jose Canseco has. His motives may have been questionable but his info has been right on. Oh, and isn't it curious timing that Bonds' trainer is finally released from prison just after Bonds is finally indicted? Stay tuned.

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