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Why Mizzou Wins

Before I get blasted with email from Jayhawk alums, I think Kansas has earned its lofty status. It's the best team story in college football this season. But, I think Mizzou is capable of ending the run. I'm not being a homer here--I genuinely believe Mizzou has the edge.

Missouri has played a tougher schedule without question. Kansas' non-conference schedule was super soft. But Mizzou opened with Illinois, now a legit top 20 team, and played at the SEC's Ole Miss. Plus, Mizzou had to play at Oklahoma while Kansas didn't have to play either Okie or Texas. I don't think Kansas has faced the kind of athletes that can come close to what Mizzou trots out on offense. And, I think playing two nail biters against top 20 teams(Illinois and Oklahoma) better prepares Mizzou for this late season slugfest.

I think it has all the makings of a classic and I think it will be a tight game throughout. But, I believe Chase Daniel will be the difference. As Gary Pinkel told me last April, "he's not wired like any other quarterback I've coached." He was alluding to Daniel's leadership and competitveness which should put Mizzou over the top at Arrowhead.

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