Beautiful and Atrocious -

Beautiful and Atrocious

The first adjective describes Mizzou's offense. The second describes the Rams offense. Let's get the ugly part out of the way first. The Rams offense is abysmal--injuries or not. All season long, they've been unable to score in the red zone and unable to run the ball inside the five yard line. A second quarter first and goal at the one yard line becomes a field goal. And then there's the mess at the end of the game. In their final nine drives, the Rams totalled seven punts, one interception and the mess at the end of the game. That's what's been going on all season save for four quarters at New Orleans and one quarter versus Cleveland.

Oh and let's not let the kickoff coverage unit off the hook. The 89 yard return by "up back" Josh Wilson was inexcusable. Same old story. The Rams are now dead last in kickoff coverage.

Now, on to a more pleasant topic--Mizzou. Saturday's game went about like I thought it would. Kansas is a very good team but the 10-0 record and gaudy stats were somewhat a byproduct of a weak schedule. Mizzou stopped itself by committing 14 penalties or the game would have been a blowout. The Tigers MUST clean up the penalty situation or they won't beat Oklahoma.

As expected, Chase Daniel was the difference in the game. His poise and decision making allows him to take full advantage of all his weapons. He is a unique talent.

Despite the climb to number one, there are still plenty of doubters, ESPN's Lou Holtz and Mark May chief among them. That's okay and doesn't matter. Mizzou controls it own destiny at this point. And, they are a LOT better than they were when they played at Norman in October. The defense is light years better.

One minor gripe from the broadcast. Some producer should have been in Brent Musberger's ear correcting him when he said "Chase Daniels." It's Daniel. Look, I make mistakes during Rams games but I'll correct myself or my producer will make me aware of the error. Musberger called him "Daniels" six or seven times. Daniel and all the Mizzou fans have a right to expect the name to be pronounced correctly. I expect more from an ABC Network telecast.

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