The Heisman Chase -

The Heisman Chase

Three days before the Mizzou--Oklahoma showdown, I believe Tim Tebow has already won the Heisman. And, I'm not sure I wouldn't vote Tebow over Chase Daniel. But, if I had a vote, I'd be watching Saturday's game very closely. If Daniel plays back to back mistake free games against two top ten teams and leads Mizzou to the national championship game, I might switch my vote to Daniel.

But the Heisman voting is and always has been flawed. Some voters admit they won't vote for a guy from Mizzou or "non-traditional" football powers. That's ridiculous. It makes the Heisman a popularity contest. If you have a vote, you should do the homework necessary to make an informed choice.

My top three right now would be Tebow, Daniel and Darren McFadden in that order. Tebow gets the nod because he was so consistent and set scoring records while playing in the toughest conference--top to bottom--in the country. But Daniel is certainly deserving himself.

Anyone else tired of national media types calling him Chase "Daniels?" There's no "s" for cyring out loud. I hope Brent Musberger figures that out by Saturday night. Making that mistake once during a broadcast is excusable. Making the mistake five or six times is inexcusable.

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