Georgia's Passing -

Georgia's Passing

I didn't know Georgia Frontiere well at all but most of what I did know was from talking with Jack Snow. Above all, she valued loyalty from her employees and was loyal in return. Jack had a job as long he wanted one and John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt each have more than 26 years with the Rams.

In my opinion, Georgia should be remembered fondly in these parts. For starters, she brought NFL football back to her hometown. And, she delivered St. Louis' only pro football championship. And what's more, she had the good sense not to meddle in the day to day operation of the team. She loved her team but knew she wasn't qualified to manage an NFL franchise.

The Rams on the field product has struggled recently but the Rams' 13 seasons in St. Louis have been more than respectable. They've won three division titles, two NFC titles and the one Super Bowl championship. That's light years better than what Bill Bidwill delivered in his 28 seasons of ownership in St. Louis.

If Shaw and Zygmunt want to honor Georgia, they should pour every ounce of energy this offseason into turning the Rams around in 2008. The good news for fans is that I know for a fact that Shaw, Zygmunt and Scott Linehan all share the same sense of urgency. We'll see if they can make the right moves to get the Rams back in the playoff hunt. It would have been fun to see Georgia on the field celebrating a playoff win one more time.

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