More Mizzou Mischief -

More Mizzou Mischief

Police in Columbia say that Stephon Hannah and Jason Horton were involved in two earlier fights that resulted in gunfire. Disturbing news considering that one of the incidents--at a convenience store--occurred after Mike Anderson imposed a curfew and a zero tolerance policy. It's clear to me that Amderson has some young men who do not understand or appreciate the privilege of playing college basketball and getting their education paid for in the process. I know plenty of kids who either work their way through college or take out student loans who would love to be in the situation these guys are in. They'd observe curfew and follow team rules.

Mizzou will once again miss the NCAA Tournament--with or without some of the guys who have no respect for team rules. Why not kick one or two of these guys to the curb to show everyone that the inmates aren't running the asylum? From what I can tell Mike Anderson is a decent guy. But, his players are making him and the university look foolish and weak.

If a young man is too stupid to realize the opportunity a full scholarship provides, then he's unworthy of the committment.

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