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Welcome Back, Trent

The Rams saved about two million in salary cap space when they cut back up q-b Gus Frerotte. They'll pay Trent Green about four million next season(including bonuses) to take his place. A tidy sum for sure. As a matter of fact, that's one million more than they were willing to pay Isaac Bruce for 2008. That won't make sense to some fans. But, never has the back up q-b position been more important in the NFL. Starting q-b's not named Favre rarely make it through an entire season. And the Rams have had trouble keeping Marc Bulger healthy. And, Scott Linehan is only thinking about the IMMEDIATE future. He needs to win in 2008.

There is some risk here although Linehan tells me that neither the Rams nor Trent have any concerns about his health. He's passed all baseline exams with flying colors. But, I know for a fact if something happens to Bulger and Trent then suffers another concussion and misses significant time the second guessing will begin.

That's a risk I'm willing to take. Adding Trent gives the Rams a guy they know can come off the bench and play winning football. Plus, he knows Al Saunders' system inside and out. And, he's the perfect guy to have in the locker room or the huddle in terms of leadership and maturity. I didn't think it would take four million next season to land a quality back up q-b but that's the cost of doing business when you're desperate to put a 3-13 season behind you.

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