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Looks Like It's Dorsey

So much for my wish list. Jake Long is now off the board. Anything can happen in the next five days but I'm 90 percent certain that the Rams will either select Glenn Dorsey or trade down Saturday. The trade down scenario is a stretch but if a team really makes a sweet offer, then it's a possibility. I doubt it will happen.

Dorsey is the guy many at Rams Park had rated highest on the draft board all along. If healthy, he'll be a run stuffing machine. If the Rams pick him, that tells me they truly believe he is healthy.

Some of you will be questioning the wisdom of taking yet another defensive lineman in the first round. Fair point but Dorsey is a far better prospect than Damione Lewis, Ryan Pickett or Jimmy Kennedy were when they came out. And although I think Adam Carriker will have a very nice career here, Dorsey is a much better prospect than Carriker was. Some at Rams Park believe he's the best run stuffer at DT in the past 10 to 15 years. He has a great motor, strong work ethic and a team first attitude.

Dorsey should immediately make the Rams tougher against the run. And stopping the run has been a major problem for this team since 2003. He and Carriker inside will make Will Witherspoon even better at MLB. And it gives Jim Haslett a four or five man rotation inside with La'roi Glover and Cliff Ryan and possibly Claude Wroten (is this the year?) coming off the bench. And it gives Haslett the flexibility to move Carriker to end when it makes sense.

Those pining for Chris Long will be screaming about the need for a pass rush. No argument here. But, stopping the run is THE most basic element of good defense. And, in Leonard Little's absence last season, Haslett discovered how dynamic Witherspoon is coming off the egde. He had seven sacks in limited time as a pass rusher. At times, he looked like a smaller version of Little. He and Little coming off the edges at the same time should force other teams to keep a tight end or running back in to help.

No question, Chris Long could help this team, too. But, the Rams believe Dorsey will be a bigger impact player in the NFL. That's the bottom line.

Whatever the Rams do, they should stay away from guys with any hint of a checkered past. That means passing on guys who have hit their girlfriends or failed drug tests or who take plays off. They gambled two years ago and it backfired in a couple of instances. Last year, they stayed away from those type of guys and hope they continue in that direction.

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