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Rams Draft

We're about an hour away from the start of the draft and rumors are flying about what the Rams will do with the second pick. Early reports today suggested that the Rams will take Chris Long instead of Glenn Dorsey. My radio partner Jim Hanifan isn't buying it yet. We've both been led to believe that the Rams believe Dorsey is a bigger impact player and have had him rated higher the whole time.

If Long is the pick, then clearly the Rams do have some concerns about the stress fracture that Dorsey suffered two years ago and Long would be a safer pick. Stay tuned on that. Let me be clear here about this---Chris Long is a good football player and can help this team. But, let's hold off on penciling him in just yet.

The other rumor circulating right now is that the Baltimore Ravens want to trade up to number two from eighth so they can grab q-b Matt Ryan. The Ravens have the 8th pick in the second round to offer the Rams. At 8th overall in the first round, the Rams could still take an impact defensive lineman in Sedrick Ellis of USC. An interesting scenario. Ellis is a hell of a player and the Rams would have three picks in the top 39 in the draft. Stay tuned...more to come throughout the day here at Rams Park.

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