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More Long

After speaking at length to Scott Linehan, it's clear that the intangibles put Chris Long over the top. That's not to say that Glenn Dorsey isn't a quality guy, he is. But, Linehan loves what Long brings to the table---the way he carries himself, the non stop desire on the field and his humility. I think there are some slightly disappointed coaches here at Rams Park who thought Dorsey could be spectacular here. But, they're getting a guy who will help immediately and may develop into a Pro Bowler at some time.

I honestly can't remember seeing Scott Linehan as excited as he is about Long. It's clear that Long was his choice all along. I was dead wrong about Dorsey but had good sources telling me he was going to be the guy. Hanny thought so too.

Ljnehan said as famous as Long's dad Howie is, his mom was every bit as impressive as Howie was in the interview process. Chris Long will be in town late tonight and will meet with the media tomorrow. We're scheduled to speak with him momentarily on my 103.3.

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