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Haslett On Long

Just interviewed defensive coordinator Jim Haslet on my 103.3 and he likes Chris Long's football instincts. Haslett coached Howie Long in the 80's and he sees a lot of similarities between dad and son---at least in technique. Haslett says Long's biggest adjustment will be making the switch to right end in a true 4-3 scheme. Long seems more comfortable on the left side so priority one in the first minicamp will be to get him comfortable at right end. But eventually, Haslett will have Long on the move on passing downs. Haslett likes the versatility he'll have in the d-line next season.

Haslett says he needs to teach Will Witherspoon a pass rushing move besides the speed rush. He says he needs a power move to complement it. One other interesting comment from Haslett-he says back up end Victor Adayenju is the best defensive end he's had playing the run. That's a strong statement but gives a hint of how deep the Rams may be on the D-L this season.

Looking ahead to round two, I agree with Hanny that the Rams biggest need is an offensive tackle but four OT's have just gone in the middle of the first round. My guess is at number 33 overall, there will be more wide receivers with high grades than offensive tackles. So my hunch is that the Rams will go WR in round two.

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