The Night In Sports - 5/12 -

The Night In Sports - 5/12

Even staff aces get lit up and tonight it's Adam Wainwright's turn. It's 8-1 in the 6th as I write. Here's a suggestion--stop pitching to Brewers star Ryan Braun. He's hit two home runs tonight and four in the last two days. Enough.

Yadier Molina in the second spot tonight? Cards fans always have something to debate with Tony in charge. It was a short night for Molina. He got the boot in the fifth inning for arguing a ball/strike call while catching. He took the gear off on the field in protest. Great video. We'll show it at ten. A fine is in Molina's future.

Another piece of video you'll see at ten is the unassisted triple play by Cleveland second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera. It's just the 14th unassisted triple play in major league history.

This has nothing to do with "real sports" but I'm watching American Gladiators (we have 10 televisions going at one time in the sports office) and a competitor is battling with a prosthetic leg. That guy impresses me. Kudos to him for the guts and drive to battle. I love stories like that.

Tiger Woods is sick of working out on a bike. The most dominant sports figure in the world is rehabbing from knee surgery and says he's bored. He's ready to start practicing for real. He should be 100 percent for the BMW Championship at Bellerive in September. Tiger is hands down my favorite athlete to watch on this planet. No one's a close second. I find myself glued to his every move like I used to be when Larry Bird was winning NBA MVP awards. I admit that's an eclectic duo but I admire the way both refuse to accept to defeat and how hard they worked to put themselves in position to win.

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