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Rams Camp Schedule

If you'd like to watch the Rams workouts in training camp, it may be easier to travel to Nashville than Wisconsin. The Rams will be on the move in camp racking up frequent flyer miles.

The Rams will likely report to Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin on or about July 25. The team will have to charter a plane from St. Louis to Milwaukee to get the players in camp. (Mequon is about 15 minutes north of Milwaukee). They'll train there for about ten to 11 days before getting on another plane and heading to Nashville for two to three days of workouts with the Titans. They'll stay in Nashville for the first preseason game on Saturday, August 9.

After that game, the Rams will get back on a charter and head back to Milwaukee and Mequon for about three days of practice. They'll likely break camp on or about Thursday August 14 and play the next pre-season game at home that weekend.

Mequon is about a seven hour drive from St. Louis while Nashville is considerably closer. So it may make more sense for Rams fans to head south the week of August 4. It will also be a lot more interesting watching the joint workouts than just watching the Rams practice alone.


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