The Night In Sports - 5/15 -

The Night In Sports - 5/15

No one's ducking the Jason Isringhausen problem at Busch Stadium. Tony Larussa calls his performance "problem one" and Izzy to his credit never ducks responsibility. He's always been a stand up guy which is I way hope he finds his way back to respectability. It may be time to put Izzy on the D-L so he can shut it down for a couple weeks and regroup. The Cards have blown too many late inning leads already.

The Astros won again today--that's 8 of their last 10. They've moved ahead of the Cards into second place. Lance Berkamn hit his major league leading 15th home run today. He's on pace for 58 home runs. I think Berkman may be the most underrated superstar in the game.

Charles Barkley owes a Vegas casino 400k. I'd be in a straight jacket even if I had Barkley's money. The guy is one of my favorite sports figures of all time. His candor and humor make him must watch t-v on the TBS studio show. I think that show with Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson is the most entertaining sports studio show on t-v. Hands down.

USC hoops star O.J. Mayo is denying he took improper gifts while in high school and college. My guess is, like Reggie Bush, he did cash in. But, I don't have all the facts. Whether he did or not, I'm sick of all these stories about athletes not taking the scholarship they've been given seriously and then landing the program in hot water because they got greedy. If a young man wants to toss aside the value of a 20-30k or more scholarship that's his mistake. There are hundreds of thousands of young men and women in this country that would kill for that kind of help. But don't tell me how the NCAA or the individual colleges are "taking advantage" of these athletes by not paying them on top of the scholarship they hand them. Last time I checked a 20k or 30k annual educational gift is a hell of a reward for athletic ability. If that makes me archaic or old school, guilty as charged. My football schoalrship to Northwest Missouri State University in 1982 was worth about $3200.00 a year. And I was thrilled to have it. That was $3200.00 my parents didn't really have.

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