The Night In Sports - 6/15 -

The Night In Sports - 6/15

Toughness was on display today in the two events I was tuned in to. First, Yadier Molina's physical toughness saved the game for the Cardinals. It was remarkable that he held on to the ball when he got blasted at home plate. If he drops the ball, the game ends in nine. He suffered what's called a minor concussion and isn't believed to be seriously hurt.

Tiger Woods' mental and physical toughness extends the U.S. Open to an extra day. Tiger was limping so badly after his tee shot on the third hole, I thought he'd have to withdraw. Wrong. He guts it out and on one reliable knee, drains a 15 to 20 footer on 18 to force a playoff. Unbelievable. There isn't another athlete on the planet I'd rather watch compete. It sets up an unlikely 18 hole playoff featuring the top ranked player in the world against the guy ranked 158th. If Rocco wins, he'll be the oldest guy to ever win a U.S. Open at 45. Please don't call, email or smoke signal me tomorow until that playoff is over.

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