Rookie Ridiculousness -

Rookie Ridiculousness

The Rams may have trouble signing Steve Jackson to a long term deal and if so you can point to the contract rookie Darren McFadden just signed with the Raiders. The deal "averages" ten million per season which about two mill more than Larry Johnson got from the Chiefs. The difference is Johnson is a proven NFL star and McFadden hasn't played a down in the league. Rookie salaries are out of control.

The NFL needs to adopt the NBA's approach. That league puts a ceiling on what the first overall pick can make and successive draft picks are slotted behind him. It keeps rookies from making outrageous sums for their first three years in the league. Then, if they've proven themselves, they get big bucks and long term deals.

I rarely side with NFL owners and usually encourage NFL players to get what they can considering their contracts aren't guaranteed. But, all athletes should have to prove themselves before cashing in. And, the top rookies in the NBA are still making seven figures in their first three seasons so we don't have to pass the hat or hold a bake sale. The NFL owners have opted out of the current collective bargaining agreement early so they might as well push for an NBA style rookie cap. It would likely keep some deserving veterans employed.

By the way, I still believe that the Rams and Jackson will eventually get a deal done but the McFadden deal will make it tougher.

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