The Night In Sports - 6/24 -

The Night In Sports - 6/24

The Cardinals are winning again. Tonight, they're beating the red hot Tigers 8-2 in the seventh inning. They keep on winning despite having more players on the D-L (10) than any other team this season. And, it's very possible Albert Pujols could be back by the weekend. Aaron Miles has another hit tonight and Adam Kennedy has an rbi single. Creative use of a hot hitter by Tony LaRussa by playing Kennedy at first base tonight.

Shut up Don Imus. Shut up and go away. Could he be that stupid? Oh, and while I'm on the subject, Pacman Jones can shut up and go away too. NFL Commish Roger Goodell has no guts if he allows Pacman to play in 2008. He hasn't earned the right, the privilege, based on his six run-ins with the law since being drafted. He doesn't get it and never will. His antics in a Las Vegas strip club left a man paralzyed and in a wheelchair. If he and T.O. do become teammates, I have a new favorite team to hate. The Patriots can be my second least favorite team.

Another guy that can shut his yapper is golfer Retief Goosen. After the U.S. Open, Goosen openly questioned how badly Tiger Woods was hurt. Does ACL reconstruction give you a clue? To quote my man Napoleon Dynamite--IDIOT! Goosen had his 15 minutes after winning the Open a few years ago and he's done nothing since. Speaking out of ignorance or jealousy is no excuse. Plus, Goosen is exactly what golf has traditionally had too much of---boring, personality challenged and limited appeal. Thankfully, the Goosens and Davis Loves are being replaced by guys named Tiger and Bubba and Boo who have a pulse and appeal. By the way, Tiger's surgeon expects him to make a full recovery.

And here's one guy who definately won't keep his pie hole shut---Michael Strahan. And that's why Fox made a great hire. Strahan will step into the Fox NFL pre game show and be a star. He'll be candid and call guys out when he needs to but won't do it just to earn his paycheck. He's got the perfect combination of personality and resume to be a big network t-v star.

Now, I'm gonna shut MY cake hole and get back to watching America's Got Talent. The girl shooting sparks off her body with a metal sander is a keeper.

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