The Lazy Media -

The Lazy Media

Let me open this blog by saying I have on occasion asked a not so great question. I don't always conduct a Bob Costas quality interview. But I do attempt to put SOME effort into the interview. I hate it when a reporter tries to make the athlete/coach do all the work. And guess what, so does the athlete/coach.

Case in point: the post game interview of Albert Pujols today. A guy says to Albert, "talk about the home run." Albert responded by saying, "what do you want me to say?" I don't blame him. "Talk about" is not a question. It's lazy in that you're asking the athlete/coach to do all the work. More times than not the subject will be put off.

More guys than you think take this approach consistently. And it makes it tough for the guys who are there covering the team on a daily basis. Ask a question or phrase in such a way that the subject has something specific to describe. "Can you talk about the decision to throw to third instead of going to second for a double play" could be okay. It's not as good as "why did you throw to third instead of second" but certainly better than an open ended statement like, "talk about the home run."

The standards for writing and for conducting interviews are consistently being lowered in the media. That's too bad.

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