No A-Rod Stories Here -

No A-Rod Stories Here

I am aware that Alex Rodriguez' wife has filed for divorce. That tidbit hasn't escaped me. But the story has not been in my sportscasts. And won't be unless A-Rod is accused of illegal behavior or his baseball career abruptly ends.

My job is to report what Alex Rodriguez does on the field not what he does off the field. I don't care what he does in his personal life. That's for shows like TMZ (pure garbage) and Entertainment Tonight. I'm not "entitled" to know or report on an athlete's personal life unless he opens it up to me or another reporter or to the public in general.

The exception to the rule occurs when an athlete or coach or sports management figure is accused of or convicted of illegal behavior. That's news that's fit for my "mainstream media" sportscast.

I'm sure there are plenty of viewers who don't agree with my take. I heard from several of them a few years ago when Marshall Faulk was sued by his former girlfriend. Testimony in court revealed that Faulk had fathered six children by women he wasn't married to. I had some angry viewers email me and chastise me for never reporting that. They took exception to me only reporting on his football exploits. But, that's my job and that's my interest--in Faulk's football performance only. Our news department covered the trial (which resulted in the case being dismissed) extensively. I understood why they did but was not interested in reporting on it myself. Unless he was accused of illegal behavior or the lawsuit would affect his ability to perform on the field, it had no place in my sportscast.

Getting back to A-Rod, is there a time when I would find it appropriate to report on a pending divorce? Yes. For example, if Debbie Clemens would file for divorce from Roger Clemens, that would be in my sportscast. Clemens has been in the news because he's been accused of using performance enchancing drugs and because of the vigorous public defense he's mounted. Debbie Clemens has been a part of the story from day one. So, her filing for divorce would be news that's fit for my sportscast. There may be other exceptions out there but unless A-Rod's career is compromised or he's accused of felonious behavior, you'll have to get your A-Rod divorce updates somewhere else. Even if Madonna is involved.

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