It's Time To Move On -

It's Time To Move On

I feel for Mark Mulder. I really do. He must be at wit's end. But, enough is enough. Can the Cardinals finally get the message and move on? The fantasy about Mulder making some sort of heroic return to the rotation should now be over.

Mulder didn't make it through the first inning tonight at Philadelphia. The replay on a pick off throw to first did seem to reveal an issue with Mulder's shoulder. So, can we be grown ups here and stop fantasizing about Mulder? He isn't going to help this season and he may not ever be a starting pitcher again. For now, the Cards are better off with Brad Thompson or Mitchell Boggs starting. And if Adam Wainwright and/or Chris Carpenter return to form Mulder will never be missed.

The trade for Mulder made a ton of sense at the time it was made. But with Dan Haren headed to the All Star Game for the second year in a row, it could turn out to be one of the worst deals in recent history. But that's the risk you take in acquiring a pitcher.

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