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Rams Sale Update

Despite an admission by Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom that he has enlisted the help of a firm to take inquiries from prospective owners, a source close to the situation tells me the Rams are likely no closer to being sold than they were two months ago. But the number of legitimate suitors has grown significantly. But, although a sale is inevitable due to financial concerns, nothing is likely to be finalized before the end of the upcoming season.

That could change if someone makes a blockbuster offer. But, it's still Rosenbloom and sister Lucia Rodriguez' desire to honor their mother in the 2008 season. They want to make sure to cement her legacy here.

I've talked to a couple of longtime Rams employees in recent weeks. One isn't concerned about the possibility of a move anytime soon. The other thinks the team could be on the way out of town by 2012. Keep in mind, the Rams aren't the only NFL team with stadium improvement issues to address. That helps the hometown cause.

But the thought of the Rams leaving in the next five to seven years makes you wonder what would become of an already compromised downtown economy. How disastrous would it be to lose the Rams and see the brewery reduced to a shell of its former self? That doesn't paint a rosy picture for St. Louis. But then, we'd always have Ballpark Village. Oh yeah, never mind.

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