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I really love this time of year. Baseball games start taking on more and more meaning and football season is about to open. 2008 will be my 11th season on the Rams broadcast team and my ninth season doing play by play. I've been fortunate that my boss here at KMOV, Allan Cohen, has always supported and encouraged my role on Rams radio. Does it make sense for him to support it? Yes, but he's gone above and beyond at times. I'll always appreciate that.

I'm more excited than ever to get going in 2008. I'm especially pleased that D'Marco Farr will play an even bigger role in our day to day broadcasts. D'Marco has shown incredible commitment in years past by commuting from Los Angeles. Now, he's gone a step further by moving here. He'll be on nightly on our Rams Radio Rush Hour shows from 7 to 8 on My 103.3. He'll be with me on Mondays with Scott Linehan and with me and Jim Hanifan on Tuesday nights. He'll also be working with Malcolm Briggs on other nights.

We'll get a head start this weekend when D'Marco joins me on Sports Sunday for a training camp preview. I'll also have World Series of Poker finalist Dennis Phillips on.

If you've not tuned in to Rams Rush Hour in years past, give it a try this season. If you like X's and O's and flat out honest football analysis and opinion, it's must hear. We have the head coach on Mondays and then Hanny and D'Marco the rest of the week. Do you know anyone else in the local media with more knowledge of the Rams and the NFL than Hanny or D'Marco? Didn't think so.

Also need to plug my guys at the Rams A-M affiliate, John Hadley and Mike Claiborne of the Big 550. I'm looking forward to doing a show with them again this year. One non-football note here---if you haven't tuned in to Live at Shannon's on KTRS after the Cardinals games you're missing great radio. It gets me home at night and keeps me informed and entertained.

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