Team Resilient -

Team Resilient

The 2007-2008 Cardinals haven't met a deficit they can't overcome. Some skeptics might say, given the bullpen issues, they also haven't had a lead that they can't cough up but the bottom line is that this team believes it can and will win. And that's why Cards' management is obligated to explore every possible trade deadline deal that makes sense and doesn't compromise the future. This team has battled mega-adversity and injury and is going toe to toe with the prohibitive National League favorite Cubs.

I've always admired the team's sensible approach to spending and dealing. I don't expect that philosophy to change now. But, John Mozeliak should be allowed to do everything he can to help the bullpen. The guys in the clubhouse and Tony LaRussa deserve a chance to compete all the way through September.

Today's game and the Padres series as a whole has convinced me that this is my favorite Cardinal team I've watched since coming back to town in 1994. There have been flashier and more talented teams here. But, maybe not one with as much guts and mental toughness. As Tony would say, I tip my cap.

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