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Rams, Then and Now

I watched the broadcast of Super Bowl 34 today and it reminded me how self-destructive the Rams were on that final drive. In fact, it was very similar to the Patriots' final drive in Super Bowl 36. The difference was that the Titans needed to get in the end zone and the Pats won it on a field goal.

The Rams defense not only missed tackles that allowed the Titans to get out of bounds and stop the clock, they also committed three penalties on that drive. Those two off- sides penalties and the 15 yard face mask call also stopped the clock. The Rams defense had no legs left at that point. So, I can undertand the missed tackles on a guy as big and strong as Steve McNair but there is no excuse for two off-sides penalties.

Had that game gone to overtime and the Titans won the coin toss, I doubt seriously there would have been a parade here on that Monday. The Rams "D" was completely gassed. Thank goodness for Mike Jones' disciplined pass drop and good form tackle.

The 2008 Rams open the exhibition season a week from tonight at Nashville against the Titans. Can't wait--even though it is pre-season football. Our Rams Radio Rush Hour shows will begin this Monday, August 4 on My 103.3 And once again, we'll be on every weeknight from 7 to 8 through the end of the season. I'll have D'Marco Farr on from Wisconsin this Monday and Tuesday. And then we'll be live in Nashville Wednesday through Friday for the Rams-Titans joint practices. And of course, Jim Hanifan and I will have the call Saturday night on My 103.3 and the Big 550 KTRS.

I'm taking some vacation time the next couple of weeks. I'll continue my Field Notes blog on August 17. By then we should know a little more about the Rams and a lot more about the impact both Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright can have in the pennant race.

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