Steven Jackson Is Coming In -

Steven Jackson Is Coming In

The holdout will be over soon according to my Rams source. I'm told Steven is on his way to St. Louis and could be on the field tomorrow. My source says the Rams told Steven that it was more or less now or never to get a deal done.

I know the Rams were ready to look elsehwere for help (Sean Alexander was at least a possibility) but didn't want to move forward until one last appeal to Jackson was made.

Let's be honest--Steven has a major image problem to tackle with fans here. He has been outspoken about a lack of fan support in the past and this holdout has alienated fans further. Can he get past this? Absolutely yes. If he goes out and runs wild and helps the Rams win some early games the fans will forget all about the holdout. They don't boo Orlando Pace and he missed two or three camps.

The guy I'm happy for is Scott Linehan. This holdout was holding him hostage. He's put his ego aside to work diligently to get the team turned around. And without Steven the offense would have been compromised significantly. Whatever you believe about the Rams' chances in 2008, they just got better. Significantly better.

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