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Is Sunday's opener a game the Rams SHOULD win? No. Is it a game they CAN win? Yes. But only if they avoid what killed them in the opener last season--turnovers. There will be limited margin for error in this game and most games in 2008.

The two biggest unknowns for the Rams are how good Steven Jackson can be in the opener and how Orlando Pace bounces back from two seasons worth of injuries.

The biggest question mark for the Eagles comes at wide receiver. Their top guy, Kevin Curtis, is out with a hernia. And the other starter, Reggie Brown, hasn't practiced because of a hamstring injury. So, the focus on dual-threat running back Brian Westbrook should be even greater than ever.

This may be the year that the Rams' special teams gift wrap improved field position. Dante Hall had a dramatic impact on the return units in only a half season. Imagine what a difference he can make if healthy for a full season. And, Josh Brown's strong leg should help the Rams kickoff coverage unit which was dead last in the NFL in 2007. Touchbacks a and deep kickoffs will help. Jeff Wilkins kickoffs became significantly shorter the past two seasons.

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