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Rams Debacle

How else can I describe the most inept game the Rams have played on both sides of the ball in years. I don't get it and neither do guys like Jim Hanifan and D'Marco Farr who saw every workout in Wisconsin. A troubling start considering how lifeless and uninspired the Rams looked.

My two biggest concerns heading into the season were the o-line and the secondary. Both units were flat out awful today. The Eagles played back up receivers and they couldn't have been more wide open in the secondary. There was no pass rush to help the corners out and when Jim Haslett blitzed it resulted in big plays downfield.

The Rams offensive line was not good. Period. The Rams didn't convert a third down. THEY WERE 0 FOR 11 ON THIRD DOWN. That's almost unfathomable. And six false start penalties. A bad bad day.

Something better change and in a hurry with the Super Bowl champs up next.

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