Change at Rams Park? -

Change at Rams Park?

I'm not a big fan of speculating about a head coach or manager's future. Never have been. Maybe it's the former athlete in me that believes ultimately it's up to the players to make plays and carry out game plans. D'Marco Farr and Jim Hanifan and I have talked about this at great length in recent days on Rams Rush Hour on My 103.3. They, like me, think the players need to share the responsibility for the miserable start.

That said, the team cannot continue to play the way it has without consequences. Scott Linehan knows that. The next week or two will decide where the team is headed. Sunday's game at Seattle is a winnable game, believe it or not. But if the team is not any more competitive than it has been, then all bets are off. And in week four Buffalo is going to be a snootful. The Bills are a nasty, in your face type team that has no problem slugging you in the mouth.

IF..IF...IF a coaching change is made at some point, it can't be change for change sake. John Shaw needs to have a viable plan in place. That is, a guy who is a legit coach who can actually turn the team around. Forgive me if I'm skeptical about Dick Vermeil's interest or availability in either the head coaching or g-m position. I'm guessing that Vermeil is not at the top of Shaw's short list. On the list quite possibly but not at the top. That is in no way meant as a slap at Vermeil.

IF...IF a coaching change is warranted then I hope the guy taking over will cut loose an underachieving player or two. What has transpired on the field in the first two weeks is inexcusable. I'm in no way absolving the head coach or either coordinator but I know that the team has been better prepared than it has shown. One veteran I talked to Tuesday agrees wholeheartedly with that assessment. It's still a players league and while I don't think the Rams have Super Bowl talent(and maybe that's an indictment of this staff), there is enough talent there to play competitive, respectable football.

I was motivated to write this blog after watching Jim Rome poke fun of the Rams on his ESPN show. He is openly rooting for the Rams to go 0-16. It's the latest of many indications that many around the NFL now consider the Rams the worst team in the league. They're being laughed at across the league. If that doesn't anger this team, there's no pulse in that locker room. They can start to change that perception by playing four quarters of good football Sunday at Seattle.

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