Changes for Rams Now, Cards Later? -

Changes for Rams Now, Cards Later?

Why not Trent Green right now? Scott Linehan HAS to try something. And if Trent's presence on the field Sunday is as good as it was at the podium today, the offense may move the ball. How big would a first possession touchdown be? What would it be like for the Rams to play with a lead? Hey, my dad taught me to dream big if I was going to dream. If the Rams win the toss, I hope Linehan will take the ball. It was ridiculous to open the season at Philly by kicking off. It sends a terrible message. Let's see if Trent can lead the offense to an opening drive score.

I'm happy that there are other signifcant changes as well. We could see five or six new starters Sunday including rookie Donnie Avery at receiver. There is no reason not to play him.

The Cardinals management should make a change in the off season. They should change their approach. I admit I've been soft on the ownership group the last two seasons because I tend to look at the big picture and I think this group has been committed to winning over the long haul. But, after two seasons of being penny wise (and missing the playoffs) it's time to make a significant investment in talent. The fans who continue to file into Busch in record numbers deserve it. And, Tony Larusssa deserves it. He's done what he can to keep an undermanned team in the hunt but he needs help--as in a legit number two starter and a lefty reliever and possibly a closer. I understand why John Mozeliak would profess confidence in Chris Carpenter's return in 2009. But, in private there's no way the team can be COUNTING on Carpenter next season.

This team's late season slide will leave it with a record that doesn't reflect how gritty and competitive it was all season. It was fun to watch guys like Ryan Ludwick, Skip Schumaker and Aaron Miles help the Cards defy the experts for five months. The 2008 Cards didn't have the pitching it needed(or at times the timely hitting) but it had plenty of guts. And I respect guts and toughness. The Rams could use an infusion of both right now.

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