How Good Is The Big 12? -

How Good Is The Big 12?

It's a fair question. I suspect the BIg 12 is as good as any conference at the top. I THINK Mizzou and Oklahoma are as good as anyone in the country. It's just a guess at this point though because it's early October and so much of the season is ahead of us. Oklahoma hasn't played anybody yet so I'm looking forward to seeing the OU-Texas game Saturday. And while Mizzou does have one quality win on the resume(beating Illinois), the Tigers will be tested in back to back games against Okie State and Texas.

Although I believe the Tigers and Sooners are as good as anyone around, I would have Alabama as my number one team in the country because 'Bama owns the most impressive win to date. The Tide beat(actually destroyed) then-number one Georgia at Georgia. I saw that game and was in awe of the game Nick Saban's team played. I again believe that the SEC is the top conference is college football from top to bottom. I have no allegiance at all to the SEC and I don't root for any of those teams. I grew up here and have always been a Mizzou and Big 8/Big 12 guy. But, the SEC has been the class of college football for the past ten years. I can objectively admit that.

The BCS records indicate how good the SEC has been. For starters, SEC teams have a combined record of 11-4 in all BCS bowl games. That winning percentage of .733 is far and away the best. The PAC 10 is next at 8-4 and the Big Ten and Big 12 both have sub-.500 records at 8-9 and 6-8 respectively.

Furthermore, the SEC can boast 4 BCS champions while the Big 12 and the ACC each have two and the Big Ten has one. And the SEC's record in BCS title games is a perfect 4-0. And three of those wins have been blowouts. The Big 12's record in title games is just 2-3. The fact that SEC teams play a tougher schedule week in and week out prepare them better for the bowl games. And the records indicate that.

I'm a Big 12 guy but think it's obvious that the SEC has been the best in the country from top to bottom since the BCS was implemented in 1998. I think right now the Big 12 is a close second. I'd love to see Mizzou and Oklahoma run the table and meet in the Big 12 title game with the winner going on to win it all. At that point, I'd be happy to change my thinking.

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