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Random Thoughts - 10/14

***I completely respect the job that Gary Pinkel has done at Mizzou, both on and off the field. But, I continue to scratch my head about the Tigers' short yardage offense. There's no reason in the world that Chase Daniel can't take a snap under center with a fullback and halfback behind him and smaller offensive line splits in goal line situations. Saturday night's game against Okie State unfolds in a different manner if Mizzou bangs it in from the one yard line on the opening possession. The most explosive offense in the country should never have to settle for a field goal at the one yard line.

***Jim Haslett has been a blast for us at Rams Radio to cover. He's been open and honest and has displayed a great sense of humor. I always watch as much of the Rams games as a I can in the week following each game but now Haslett is encouraging me to watch the game tapes at Rams Park. It can only help me in my job as play by play man. I'm going to start reviewing the film with D'Marco Farr.

***The Cowboys will come to town banged up and shorthanded. Or so I thought. Today at the deadline, the 'Boys trade four draft picks for WR Roy Williams of the Lions. That will give Brad Johnson a nice trio to throw to Sunday--Williams,Terrell Owens and Jason Witten.

***Kudos to Commissioner Roger Goodell for suspending Pacman Jones indefinately. The guy doesn't get it and never will. Consider that since Jones was drafted in 2005, he's been arrested six times and been involved in 13 incidents requiring police response. The latest trouble comes just six weeks after the Commish lifted a 17 month suspension and placed strict behavioral guidelines on Jones. In the end, this may help the Cowboys. Character counts--especially in team sports and this may end up being addition by subtraction.

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