Not The Same Old Rams -

Not The Same Old Rams

It is a startling turnaround. From 0-4 and non-competitive in September to 2-0 and tough as nails in October. And the Rams have done the 180 with the same personnel. I don't want to gulp the Kool-Aid on Jim Haslett but his team has obviously bought into just about everything he's preaching.

We'll see how long this lasts but right now it's fun to watch the Rams play. They'll make their share of mistakes but they're now battling through the adversity. They did it in the first quarter today when an illegal motion penalty wiped out a touchdown. That didn't keep them from scoring anyway. In fact, they were in the end zone two plays later.

There were plenty of heroes today but I'll salute a couple guys we don't talk about much. On offense, Adam Goldberg battled his rear off at tackle. Yes, Demarcus Ware had three sacks and numerous hurries but did most of his damage against tight ends and running backs. And Goldberg threw a great block on linebacker Zak Thomas on Steven Jackson's 56 yard touchdown run.

On defense, Defensive End James Hall played a great game, registering 1.5 sacks and two tackles for losses. And he unselfishly volunteered for duty at tackle after Adam Carriker left with an injury. And he used a bull rush effectively at tackle. D'Marco Farr refers to Hall as "the professional."

Two weeks into the Haslett experiment the reviews all are favorable. Winning at New England won't be easy, especially if Steven Jackson doesn't play. But now the Rams will head East believing that they can win.

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