Crashing Back Down To Earth -

Crashing Back Down To Earth

It was an ugly day at the Dome. The Rams regressed after three straight weeks of improvement. They did not fight through adverse developments the way they did in October.

Marc Bulger will get pounded, especially with Kurt Warner leading his team to the win. And Bulger deserves his share tonight but he's the only guy some fans in this town will talk about. On a day when the Rams running game was completely non--existent and the defense allows 510 yards, it can't be ALL Bulger. No question that his interception in the second quarter was really costly. He admitted to me after the game that he just didn't see the safety when he turned back to find Donnie Avery after looking off Joe Klopfenstein. But, why aren't more fans howling about the shoddy pass protection every week? And when will this team keep Adrian Wilson from making game changing-type plays?

And the Rams' defense? Allowing a team that averaged 82 yards a game on the ground to run for 170? The Cardinals entered the game with an NFL worst 3.3 yards per carry average and today they gain 5.4 per rush attempt.

This was a bad performance all the way around--Bulger included. One that shows how much work remains to be done to make the Rams a tougher, more hard-nosed football team. Is Jim Haslett the right guy for that job? I still think he might be. But, with eight games remaining, let's see how this season plays out. That wasn't Jim Haslett-type football at the Dome today. That was soft, fold up the tents football. And that's unacceptable.

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