There Is Hope...If.... -

There Is Hope...If....

Believe it or not after the "Massacre at the Meadowlands" there is hope for the Rams in 2009. Look no further than the team that massacred the Rams to find the proof. Last season, the Jets were as big a mess as the Rams and finished 4-12. Now, after nine games in 2008, the Jets are 6-3 and in first place.

And the turnaround was made by adding four or five new starters. Granted, two of those starters are future Hall of Famers in Brett Favre and Alan Faneca but the point is it doesn't take a complete roster overhaul in this day and age.

The Falcons and Dolphins are two other teams doing 180's this year. So it can be done...if....if...if the Rams make wise personnel moves. Are Jim Haslett and Billy Devanney the guys to lead that turnaround? They might be. I know from talking to Haslett he has a list of five to six priorities for the off season and they all make great sense. He has a real idea on how to improve the Rams. It remains to be seen if he'll get the chance but remember how startling Saints turnaround was when he took over? They went from last place to division champs(dethroning the Rams) in his first season.

Unfortunately, the Saints switched to the NFC South in 2002 and had to deal with a much tougher division. In 2002, Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl. In 2003, Carolina played in the Super Bowl and in 2004 Atlanta played in the NFC Championship. That was a tough division in those years--far tougher the than the NFC West. When you examine his body of work in New Orleans, you come away thinking he might be the guy to run the show here. I'm still intrigued despite that massacre Sunday.

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