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Quick Hits - 11/11

***Congrats and thank you to all U.S. military veterans. We more or less take this holiday for granted and that's a shame. I'm grateful to all who have served in times of peace and war.

***I'm glad the Ryan Ludwick for Matt Holliday deal fell through. Holliday is a nice player but his numbers will tumble significantly away from Coors Field. And I don't want Ludwick traded. If he is dealt, it has to be for a top line starter or closer and not for an outfielder who puts up roughly the same numbers Ludwick does.

***I feel bad for the Blues' ownership group. They stepped up and saved the team and have made a ton of significant fan-friendly moves. And they've done a nice job to turn the roster over and emphasize the future. But the West is so loaded that the team has fallen to last place in the conference. And the outlook isn't all that great. It's gonna take more time and more dollars but I'm not sure this group has the funds to get it done.

***It needs to be pointed out that Orlando Pace was not responsible for the blitzing Jets cornerback who sacked Marc Bulger and forced the fumble that was returned for a touchdown. The pass protection had Pace and his linemates sliding to the right. It was Bulger's responsibility to see the blitzer and either unload the ball on a "hot route" or roll right away from the blitzer. I keep hearing fans blame Pace and that was not his fault.

***Pace is not playing the same kind of football he did five or six years ago. But he has come back from injury to at least stabilize the left tackle spot. Pace is FAR from the Rams' biggest problem right now. And it amazes me that some fans don't give Pace the respect he's earned. This is a seven time Pro Bowler who is a sure bet first-time eligible Hall of Famer. Simply put, he was the guy that made all the things that Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and the "Greatest Show" guys did possible. In my mind, he's the greatest St. Louis Ram--number one on my list. No one else has played in 7 Pro Bowls and played at his super-elite level for so long. I look forward to covering his induction ceremony in Canton.

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