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Learning How To Win

It used to be that the Rams knew how to win, how to bury teams that were on the ropes. This team has no clue how to do that. Torry Holt said it best, "we need to learn how to win all over again."

On a day when the Rams did a lot right they still come up short. Offensively, the Rams commit the same old sins: turnovers and stupid penalties. The Rams could have easily scored seven or 10 more points in the first half but they continue to treat the football like a hand grenade.

Defensively, two blown coverages in the fourth quarter helped undermine what was a solid effort through three quarters. I have no solutions. This was the Rams' best chance to win a game before the end of the season. They could well finish 2-14 and on a ten game losing skid.

Can Jim Haslett turn this thing around? I believe he can. But I'm not making that decision. The problem is if the Rams go outisde for a coach again, why should we believe they won't botch the search again?

Don't misread me here---I'm not advocating a return to Mike Martz. But I did warn fans who wanted him out back in the 8-8 season of 2004 to be careful what they wished for. Not only have the Rams not posted a winning season since then, but they haven't had a winning season since 1989 without Martz either as coordinator or head coach. Sobering.

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