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A Smart Move

The Rams' decision to conduct an open job search before naming a head coach makes sense. I'm on the record saying that I'd like to see Jim Haslett get the job because I think he can get it done. But, why not seek out as many interested and qualified parties as possible. If the Rams do select Haslett, then nobody can say they just took the easy way out at season's end. And if another candidate blows away Billy Devaney and Chip Rosenbloom then you go with that candidate. Remember, Devaney was part of the Falcons' job search a year ago and now Mike Smith is a front runner for NFL Coach of the Year honors.

I'm encouraged that Devaney will be the guy leading the search. He's a "football guy" who should be given a chance to take this team in a different direction--a winning direction. John Shaw shouldn't have final say this time for a number of reasons. First, he's not going to be around in any official capacity. He's going to become a consultant only. And, he's failed more often than he's succeeded in previous hires. I'm not a Shaw basher at all. I remind people all the time that both he and Jay Zygmunt were in charge when the Rams authored the most exciting and productive era in St. Louis football history. But, it's time for a change. Just like it was time for a change when the Rams and Mike Martz parted company.

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