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Holding the Line

I'm glad to hear that John Mozeilak is only willing to go so far to sign Brian Fuentes. The Cards offer of two years at 6 to 8 million per season is fair market value. Fuentes is holding out for three years and about ten million per season. That's too much for a guy who is not a "premiere" closer. And, Fuentes reportedly would rather play in Anaheim. Good for 'Mo for not panicking. I'm hoping if that money doesn't go to Fuentes, it will go to fill other needs.I'm not advocating the club go cheap. I just want it to continue to spend wisely.

Plus, why overpay for Fuentes with both Chris Perez and Jason Motte under contract. It's not as if there are no closer candidates on the roster. I'm all for Fuentes but the price has to be right and the guy has to want to play here.

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